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Before she joined our team, Mountainsmith intern Tasha Rivard (aka Tiny Van Travels spent her days surfing, hiking, and exploring the American West. I've just finished travelling around Europe posting Blogs about experiences I've come across on the roads of Europe. The reality of van life is that the aforementioned privileged, bohemian beauties are living in a dirty, tiny, cramped, often-uncomfortable living space.

Hobo Ahle is homeward bound by means of adventure.” Her channel shares the reality of vehicle dwelling, and provides travel hacks and advice for over 288,000 subscribers. Van life today includes vans of all shapes and sizes, ranging from super-technical to very basic.

Older vans cost at least $20,000 up front if you want something that's in good shape, he says. Long the popular option for an overlanding, dirtbag climbers or family hauler, the full size van is still a legit option for living the #vanlife. I still work and live a normal life, but today I experience a little more adventure than before.

I essentially find a point on a map, often with the assistance of an app called Park4Night, that looks quiet and isolated and long after the sun goes down I make my way through winding roads, scout the area, trust my gut, put the van in park, shut her down, lock her up tight, put my security measures in place and lay low for the evening hoping no one knocks on the window best ren faire or gives me a hard time.

We loved our Asheville Van Life Adventure with sCAMPer Van. Sleeping in sketchy parking lots or being chased out of an area is a reality during van life. A certified Yoga instructor, Ferbache has been living the vanlife since October of 2017 and she currently moving on from her 2011 Mercedes Sprinter to a Ford Transit.

It's perfect for anyone who wants to try out van life, who wants to spend some time in the outdoors, who wants to go on a road trip, who wants to have a weatherproof setup for an outdoor festival or even someone who's looking for a variation of glamping.

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